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PT-A .:The rival:. and ... by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P-T A .:a Gift for you:. by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P-T A .:Starter Refs:. by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P-T A .:The Legendary Egg:. by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P-T A .:The Delivery Guy?:. by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P-T A .:Trainer Card Info:. by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
P.T.A. Trainer Card by EpsilonCMa
PTA: Trainer Card by BlackWhiteRocks
Trainer Card Matthew by konijnlaura
P-T-A: It's Jesus Z'rake by TheFallingpiano
PTA: START THE JOURNEY! by BlackWhiteRocks
P-T-A: Press to start by TheFallingpiano
Comic Preview 1-5 by LittleLolliePop
Comic Preview 6-10 by LittleLolliePop
My Egg is better than yours
Legendary Egg by EpsilonCMa
My Egg is better than yours~! by sweetkotek
Legendary Egg by selsy9882
PTA-Legendary Egg by Zecendia
Hey look my team
PTA-Night in the Forest by Zecendia
Amy vs Megan part 2 by konijnlaura
Amy vs Megan- part 1 by konijnlaura
Mine! by konijnlaura
Fan Art Folder
PTA-Shinky by Zecendia
Pokemon - Hypertria vs Pilloma by TheMystereonsClan
PTA-Sheltyke by Zecendia
Marion and Snow by Youarenotthere

Group Points


We are NOT acepting members who DON'T have deviations on their galleries, or if they are new on DeviantArt, you must need to have at least 5 months to join to this gruop. Thanks ;)

Here is the point list

:star:For each activity
500 pts

:star:For free drawing of your team (no theme)
100 pts

:star:For comics (can be 4 or more boxes)
300 pts

:star:For pokemon`s photos taken with your camera phone (color is very important)
200 pts

Note: if your drawings don't have color, you will not receive the total amount of points, and you won't be able to buy items or TMs
Greetings new members.. ^U^)/

Professor Unspeakable here.
I give you the welcome to this group.

Please read carefully all this information... IS IMPORTANT ^^

For all of you who recently joined the group (or even for those who already have more time in this group), let me explain about what is this goup, as well as to mention a few rules that I hope will serve you as a guide, which will allow to all of you enjoy your stay in here.

:star: What do you need to do in this group?

Well, as you already noticed, this group is for artists (drawers, ilustraitors, etc), that is what you must do in this group is to, yes, you must need to draw the adventures of your trainer. If you can't draw and just want to see the work of others, you are welcome to join us, but if that doesn't interest to you and you don't think to participate in the activities, maybe this group is not for you.

:star:Your Trainer (a.k.a OC)

Once you've decided to be part of our group (which makes us very happy) your first task is to create your trainer. It's really simple, if you already have one you can bring to this new region.

We only have a couple of parameters (or rules). First; your trainer should be more than 15 years (the limit is 20 years) said that the world is a place a little hostile, so that children under that age are forbidden to travel alone in these areas.

and Second; Hybrids will not be accepted (you know, furrys, anthros, or whatever you call 'em), whether animals have similar features, as well as having tails, ears, whiskers, claws, etc.. The reason for this is that in the adventure we'll have prepared a few surprises, and if your trainer already have animal's part , this method will not work  (but don't worry, if you already have someone with those details, you can always fix it) at the least, you don't see hybrid people, walking the streets every day.... are you?

Heres is the template for the trainer card…

:star: The Journey:

Here you can make your journey thronugh a new continent (The Cronnax Region), which means a new adventure starting from zero, as well means new pokemons (about which we talk later).

You start your journey in your new home in the Old Torch village. You don't know anyone yet, your family moved recently, what makes you "the new kid on the neighborhood." But, you have an adventurous spirit, and the professor in this region offers to you an opportunity to learn all about this new area. Your parents agree with this idea, since you have more than 15 years of age.

In the lab, the professor gives to you the opportunity to choose one of the 3 pokemon starters, which will be your first pokemon of this region and even help you in your adventure..

For your trip, the professor will provide you with some articles that will be of much help, but you can also get some other things in your journey.

As well in the other regions, Cronnax also has its legends, myths and mysteries. Some areas that appear as outputs of someone's imagination. An important feature of this region is that it is the first to have the legend of the 4 elemental titans, but we can talk about that later ;).

:star: Your Partner (pokemon starter)

You can only choose one of the 3 starters, that you get to choose just one and only ONE. All of them have qualities that will help you on your trip, so choose carefully. Once you have your starter you can start your adventure, he will help you catch other pokemons.

You can see the pokemon starters on here…

Show us how you and him met together, and also which is the first wild pokemon that appears in your adventure, do you captured him?.…

:star: Shopping time

In this region we have a nice touch. That is that you can buy what you need in almost anywhere during your trip. Flit, is our mobile shop, it can fly anywhere carrying what you ask him, as long as you pay the price.

Here is Flit…

As you know, we don't use money here, at least not during the activities. Flit, charges for its services "points" .. let's talk about points:

All your activities have a value, which is measured by points (you can see the value of each activity in the mainpage. But it is very important that they have color. because they may not get the full value if it is only black and white (its okay, as long as you use some technique to make it look better, even with pencil)..

What can you buy with these points?

Here (in the journals) can see a list of items that you can buy, as well as its point value. You can buy some basic things like Potions, Pokeballs, etc, or even more difficult or complex items, which allow you to advance your adventure (like TMs, or Items for evolution).

Now show us hot you met to Flit…

:star: Cronnax Map

As insurance, you already know that all regions have a map. Cronnax isn't the exception. The professor will give you a map which you can see what kind of pokemons lives on each route. Remember that there are some special pokemons (shiny), so if you're fast you can have one in your team.

Here is the Cronnax's map, remember take a look some times to know where you can or can't go…

This is the most important of all the rules. If one pokemon is not in the list on the route where you are, no matter what, without excuse, YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM, because it doesn't exist in that route.

Well, with that explained the most basic is about this group. Remember that if at anytime you have any questions, please ask. It is best to look like someone who don't knows nothing, because that your activities will be rejected for any misunderstood. So please ask, you can send notes or leave comments on the mainpage ;)

See you later..

Best Wishes ^^
The Professor Unspeakable
More Journal Entries




Never give up, never surrender




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BlackSapphire157 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uh, is this group still active?
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Zecendia Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might be redoing some of my old activities (because honestly,the art on two of them especially hurt my eyes..ohh the days where I didn´t have a graphic tablet).Anyway,I´ll try to do the recent activity still at some point this year,in hopes that others will also get some motivation to join in on it again!
Zecendia Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do I also need to buy accessories or is it something the trainer can give the pokemon without having to buy it?
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ShifterDreams Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist
well i joined a long time ago.. i was wondering when you start do you begin at the start or skip to the most resent part?
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SilverjayPhoenix Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
may i join? i'm a REALLY good drawer
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Renesh Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I have a bit of a question for you...I noticed that in a comment you mentioned Absol's location. In my character's backstory she is/was best friends with an absol that she met as a toddler, but the absol was tragically left behind when her family moved. I'd really like to have an absol on her team, but it would be out of character for her to "replace" her Best Friend Ever with some other absol. Could I have her old friend follow her scent, sneak aboard a ship, and finally track her down near the area where an absol could be caught? The absol friend would be roughly the level of the lowest in my character's team (or about the level of wild pokemon in the area, if you'd prefer it that way) so she wouldn't be overly powerful.
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BlackWhiteRocks Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this club still open to new members?
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vguy11 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
YEEEEAH! this bloody awnsome!!! a huh...this group his still active right?
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Deedlebug21 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
question: can i write instead of draw?
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Zecendia Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question Peque :).When do you plan on letting the activities to continue,or are you waiting for a special number of members to get the activities until yet done?Well,just askin :).

Well,if it will take some more time I will upgrade my older activities a little,my drawingstyle has changed a lot since I joined the group(well,when i joined I didnīt had a graphik tablet back then xD)
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Swaroc Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Can I...Can I... Can I join?? O.O Pleaseeee... <sweat eyes>
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sweetkotek Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
Can I join Poke Team? :)
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ShifterDreams Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist
is this club still open id love to join ^^
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